Malaysian Coconut Chicken
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Malaysian Coconut Chicken




Malaysian Style Dish – This dish has a coconut base and is another of our Asian style Chicken Dishes and is medium heat.



Coconut Chicken

(Serves 4-6– Medium)



8-10 Chicken Pieces

1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil

2 Onions (Sliced)

2 Cups Coconut Milk



□    Heat Oil in a Large Pan or Wok

□    Cook Onion until Soft – Remove from Pan

□    Add Chicken Pieces – Brown All Over

□    Return Onion to Pan with Spice Blend

□    Stir Well to Coat all Chicken Pieces

□    Add Coconut Milk

□    Simmer uncovered for 45 Minutes or Until Chicken is Cooked Through & Sauce Thickens


Suggestions: Serve with Noodles or Rice