About us


At the Spice Mill our aim is to make cooking our recipes as easy as possible, with you only having to buy a few fresh ingredients to whip up a gourmet meal is no time.


Remember the times you have purchased a number of spices to make a particular meal, only to find the next recipe required different ones, and they stay in the cupboard, till expiry date and beyond. 

Now the spices are blended, in our one meal packs, no waste and no guessing how much to use of each spice, it is all done for you.


Or try our rubs and marinades made, for BBQing and roasting.  Giving flavour to all your chicken, beef, lamb and seafood.


All our spice blends are made without additives or preservatives. They do not have any fillers and are GMO and gluten free.


 Enjoy a Whole new World of Cooking.....Gourmet Dishes Made Easy?


Our Gift to You.

  • Orders of $25 or over will receive a free sample pack surprise!