Description of Blends


The Spice Mill has a large range of spice blends, rubs and marinades.  We pride ourselves in using the best quality ingredients which are sourced in Australia.


The Individual spice blends are a single meal pack, with a spice blend and a recipe inside the pack.  On the outsie you will find a shopping list to make your meal of choice.  There are 3 different heats, and the packs are colour coded.  Yellow is mild, Orange is medium and Blue is Hot!


We also have a range of dry rubs and marinades, which include spice blends from India, Morocco, Middle East, Tunisia, South Africa, Mexico, Southern United States as well as some home grown Spice Mill blends not found any where else, (our own secret recipes)  These include the Southern Chicken blend, BBQ Rub, the Sweet Chilli Rub and others (browse our website to tantalise your taste buds)


We are also happy to alter our blends to suit your dietary needs.  Some blends include salt (we only use Australian salt) and sugar (also sourced from Australia)  If these ingredients or other do not suit your diet, please feel free to drop us a line and we would be happy to accommodate your individual needs.


The rubs and marinades come in different quantities, 50 gram, 100 gram, 250 gram 450 gram and 1 kilo packs. 


There is also a range of individual spices for your to make your own blends with our premium quality spices.  These come in different sizes from 15 gram to 25 gram packs for $3.50 plus postage ($1.00 per pack)


Enjoy browsing through our site, happy cooking..... Margie and the Spice Mill Team