Spice Blends

The spice blend pack consists of:

  • A 50 gram blend of Spices inside a resealable food grade bag.
  • Spice blends may be used as rubs, marinades or addition to a recipe (see our recipe section for more ideas)
  • Spice Blends come in 4 different sizes, 50 gram, 250 gram, 450 gram and 1 kilo
  • There are recipe suggestions on the back of each pack
  • The blends are only spices with no fillers or additives and are Gluten Free


Postage & Discounts

  • Postage & handling charges is a $1.00 per pack
  • Orders of $100 or over will receive a 10% discount .
  • Orders of $25 or over will receive a free sample pack surprise!