Rubs & Marinades

These are blended spices, used as rubs or marinades, best for BBQing or Grilling, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, or Seafood.

Some Blends should be mixed with Olive Oil and lemon juice, others are used dry.

See description beside each blend.

  • You will need 1-2 tablespoons of each rub per 1 kilo of fresh ingredients.  
  • Each pack of 50 grams will provide at least 2 meals.
  • Rubs & Marinades are blends of spices only, with no fillers, preservatives or additives and are Gluten Free.
  • Rubs are packed in resealable stand up food grade bags.
  • All Spice Blends are $5.50 per pack


Postage & Discounts

  • Postage & handling charges is a $1.00 per pack
  • Orders of $100 or over will receive a 10% discount .
  • Orders of $25 or over will receive a free sample pack surprise!